Wednesday, April 19, 2006

iPod,DAP: FM remotes

Okay, I picked up the Griffin iFM as well as Apple's Radio Remote for use with my iPod nano. Here's a quick rundown comparing the two.

Griffin iFM vs. Apple Radio Remote

iFM Pros:
++ arrangement of buttons makes operation by touch a cinch
+ (cosmetic) available in black (only)

iFM Cons:
- Lowest volume setting is still a little too loud for certain circumstances/environments
- clip is somewhat flimsy

Radio Remote Pros:
++ iPod integration is great
+ volume can be adjusted in much finer detail compared to iFM (64 vs. 16 levels)
+ clip appears more sturdy and usable
+ includes a set of Apple earbuds which a shorter cord

Radio Remote Cons:
- arrangement of buttons makes operation by touch not as convenient as iFM
- (cosmetic) available in white (only)

Both seem about equal as far as FM radio performance is concerned.

While the Apple Radio Remote seems like the better of the two, I use the iFM (with the shorter Apple earbuds) when skiing because the button layout is much easier to use on the slopes while wearing gloves.


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